Arthritis Today, '93

Herb Goldberg began his training in the martial arts at age 14 with Judo in 1966. He proceeded to Karate in 1969, and T'ai Chi Ch'uan in 1976 all in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Goldberg first studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan under Master Lee Shiu Pak and his instructors, notably Sam Slutsky. Master Lee was a senior student of Chen Wei Ming, the famous disciple of Yang Cheng Fu who was widely acclaimed as one of the greatest masters of his time. Mr. Goldberg continued his training with other world famous masters and grandmasters from China and North America, including Fu Zhong Wen, Liang Shou Yu, Yang Zen Do, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, T.T. Liang, Ben Lo and Wei Lun Huang.

Mr. Goldberg has been honored by appointment to the National Board of Advisors of the USA Wushu Kung-Fu Federation. He has also been selected by the USAWKF as a National Judge of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Forms and Push Hands. Additionally, he has served as the Head Judge of Internal Martial Arts and Push Hands for the southeast region. His students have won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals at the international, national, and regional levels.

Mr. Goldberg has been featured in the major Atlanta newspapers and magazines, including the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Creative Loafing, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Buckhead, The Jewish Times, as well as Arthritis Today and Weight Watchers national magazines. He has appeared on Channel 11 News "Health Watch;" on a Channel 69 program devoted to T'ai Chi Ch'uan; and on a National Sears TV ad where he also served as technical director. He has been published in T'ai Chi magazine and has performed demonstrations for many organizations including Icon Health and Fitness at the "Supershow," the High Museum, the IRS, Georgia State University and the Georgia Association of Physical Therapists.

In addition to his own ongoing public and private classes, he taught T'ai Chi Ch'uan at GSU for more than twelve years, and has provided classes for numerous corporations, schools and health clubs. Mr. Goldberg holds degrees in Physical and Health Education and Guidance Counseling, Applied Social Science and Psychology.

In 2001 Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu honored Mr. Goldberg by including him among a select few recognized as prominent teachers and practitioners of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in his well-known book: "Kung Fu Elements".

Mr. Goldberg is a civilian contractor working for the U.S. Army as Chief of Risk Communication and Quality Assurance in the Battlemind Transition Office of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research - Division of Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Mr. Goldberg's training and his teaching philosophy enable him to bridge the gap between East and West. In addition to precisely demonstrating the postures and their function, he explains movements and the principles behind them in easily understood terms, using physics, physiology, and metaphor to illustrate T'ai Chi Ch'uan's essential points.

Because T'ai Chi Ch'uan is best experienced in the doing rather than the telling, Mr. Goldberg works personally with each of his students to make the necessary adjustments in their movements and postures. His individualized approach to instruction meets students where they are and brings them along at their own pace.


Creative Loafing, '87

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