Home: Atlanta, GA

T.C.C.A. Training Began: 1993 ( years)

Additional T'ai Chi Ch'uan Training: Bruce K. Frantzis - Wu Style; Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu - various T'ai Chi Ch'uan styles

Other Martial Arts Training: 1 year, early 1970's, Tae Kwon Do, Blue belt; half year, 1980's, Aikido; 2007-2008, Shaolin, Brown sash

Other Chi Kung Training: Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu; Ken Cohen; Bruce K. Frantzis; Dr. Lin He Qing; Paul Pitchford; Mark Johnson; Paul Gallahger; Jerry Allen Johnson; and others

Employment: Consultant



Home: Alpharetta, GA

T.C.C.A. Training Began: 1998 ( years)

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Training Before T.C.C.A.: March 1994 - June 1998, Atlanta Tai Chi Association, Atlanta, GA, Master Cheng

Additional T'ai Chi Ch'uan Training: Workshops and/or private training with Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu; Li Tailiang; Sam F.S. Chin; Luo Dexiu; Dan Harden; Sam Tam; Wang Haijun; Akuzawa Minoru; and others

Other Martial Arts Training: Judo and Sambo, 1977-1979, Vladikavkaz, Russia; Kyokushinkai Karatedo, 1979-1985, Vladikavkaz, Russia; Gracie Jiujitsu, January 2008-present, Tiger Academy, Roswell, GA

Other Chi Kung Training: Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu; Li Tailiang; Sam Tam

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Competition Awards:
  - 2001-2004: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in several push-hands competitions
  - 2002 Taiji Legacy, Dallas, TX - Gold medal in "Advanced Other T'ai Chi Form"
  - 2000 International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, St. Petersburg, FL - Internal Grand Champion

Employment: Software consultant


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