TCCA, '94

"I have enjoyed finding out new things inside/about myself and others on different levels; gaining better inner balance, self-confidence and martial ability.
The benefits I feel also include a deeper control over my body and ability to relax on a different level, physically and mentally.
I have been to other schools and this teacher (Herb Goldberg) is outstanding in many respects -- a unique combination of a background in education, martial ability and deep understanding of the art, decency, honesty and humor.
I feel very lucky to have found this school."

Dmitri Edwards

"When I agreed to speak on "Adding Humor to Your Writing" at the Georgia Writer's Spring Festival 2002, little did I know the lasting effect it would have on my life. While killing time in the book store area I picked up a free copy of a magazine featuring the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan. I'd always seen this in movies, done by old people in China, and never imagined the health, physical and mental benefits of these slow precise movements.
Story after story featured writers who had been healed of lifelong ailments or practitioners who spoke of the incredible feats that they or others accomplished by being able to focus the "Chi" (life force) in their bodies. That night a search on the web brought me to, the website for Herb Goldberg's Tai Chi Chuan Atlanta classes.
Within a week I was enrolled. That was almost a year ago and it's one of the best decisions of my life, (besides selling Apple Computers stock in Jan of 2000).
My balance has increased, some physical problems I had have disappeared and I can't believe the strength in my legs. I plan to make this a lifelong exploration. Unlike most forms of exercise you can practice Tai Chi and still receive the benefits your whole life through. So what started out as me giving my expertise to the writing community of Georgia turned out with the universe giving an incredible gift to me. I can't wait to see what I get this year!"

Jeff Justice

"Some of the greatest benefits I feel are patience; ability to listen to the needs of the body and turn off the demands of the mind; better understanding of the transitory nature of daily life and ability to transcend it; confidence in my ability to make positive changes in my life through consistent, daily patient efforts."

Lem Ward

"What I've enjoyed about learning T'ai Chi Ch'uan is that I'm not expected to rush and learn it at any set pace. I just have to be dedicated. That this isn't just a portion of my life, it's a thought that goes with everything I do."

Stephanie Nankin

"Some of the benefits I've derived from T'ai Chi Chuan are improved posture, inner awareness, sense of procedure - elegance."

Dr. Ron Milestone

"Better balance, openness in my body, and a better, quieter, more flexible mind."

Marc Lindsell

"I am beginning to feel like I am attaining a meditative state (at moments) while doing the form. I feel like my leg strength in regards to stamina has increased and when we have our sometimes energetic Push Hand sessions, I feel leaner and more fluid."

Jonathan Poulton

"The teacher provides good corrections, folks to practice with. I like this version of the Form - its energy and feeling of strength."

Charlotte Shamblin

"I've enjoyed learning about the potential for integrating mind, energy and body in an exercise form which is rigorous yet gentle. I'm given the chance to learn at my own pace - and within my own body rhythms - yet I get the benefit of the experience of all members of the class. Also, there is a grace to the discipline, in the Form and Push Hands, which intrigues me."

Ray Pelosi

"I like the atmosphere. The people are very supportive and helpful of one another. Also, the teacher is outstanding."

Jamie Calvin

"One of the principal reasons that I continue to study in this particular class is the laughter and enjoyment that is present in almost every class. Although there is very serious study going on, it is never taken so seriously as to ruin the enjoyment of learning Tai Chi. Even more significant is the nature of the work itself. While practiced slowly and in accordance to the classics, this branch of T'ai Chi emphasizes the martial as well. However, the martial aspects of T'ai Chi are not practiced exclusively at the expense of the Taoist framework of T'ai Chi. The main reason that I continue to study in this particular class is the instructor, Herb Goldberg. His advanced knowledge is tempered by an ability to relate very well to every level of student from the first time students to the most advanced. Further, the structure of the classes is such that everyone gets the work that they need, whatever level they are at."

Jeff Dawson

"I feel that I can move much more freely than I have in years; I have a bone spur which was creating problems with my shoulder and arm and now no longer bothers me; I generally stand better and am less prone to achy neck and shoulder.
Also it is a new way of looking at some types of movement, and that's intriguing.  I particularly enjoy Chi Kung, because it makes me feel good and the payoff is immediate."

Roslyn Falk

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